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Our Mission--To support youth who are at risk for drug/substance abuse, to promote drug/substance free lifestyles and to break the generational cycle of drug abuse through advocacy, intervention, education and mentoring.

Our Vision--To see that every child in the extended family circle in the United States has the right to grow, be happy and healthy, in a drug/substance/violence free environment.


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This link is one of the most useful resources concerning issues of drugs and substance.


meth lab

Not all labs are this sophisticated. Most of the time there are just bottles and jars along with other household items such as cleaning fluids, lye products, gasoline treatments and over the counter medications containing pseudo ephedrine. One new method for making meth is the "one pot" method where the "cook" puts the ingredients into a soda pop bottle, shakes the bottle, and waits for the end product. The ingredients used to make meth are extremely volatile and extremely dangerous.




Linda Silvas (Little Tree) offers a message of spirituality and hope with her drum, publications and workshops.www.littletreescreations.com


Lynn Garrett McLeod brings home the message that personal success is obtainable no matter what barriers are put before you. Visit her site at www.lynnmcleod.com


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