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Our Mission--To support youth who are at risk for drug/substance abuse, to promote drug/substance free lifestyles and to break the generational cycle of drug abuse through advocacy, intervention, education and mentoring.

Our Vision--To see that every child in the extended family circle in the United States has the right to grow, be happy and healthy, in a drug/substance/violence free environment.


amjDo you know of an organization or an individual who has made a positive difference? If so, let us know. This page is dedicated to those who need to be recognized for their contribution to making the world a better place.

Thanks to the many schools that participated and to their dedicated teachers. It is Healing Helpers' feeling that the volume of entries that our judges had to review reflected the dedication of the teachers and the talent of students from schools such schools as DeKalb, Hope, James Bowie, Liberty-Eylau and Texas High.


On April 7, 2009, representatives of Healing Helpers met at the Bi-State Justice Center with members of Liberty-Eylau staff an students to award the winners of the logo contest with $250 cash. The money was awarded by Judge Bailey Mosely, Associate Justice of the 6th Court of Criminal Appeals.


The Winning Logo was created by Shalontay Johnson (right center) and Reginald Elijah (left center) under direction of Mrs. Jane Waters, English Teacher at Liberty Eylau (center). Also present is Reginald's Aunt, Robinea Elijah and Grandmother, Lillie Elijah Fuller (left) and Mr. Rick Fowler, Liberty-Eyalu Principal (right).


Dr. Meliss Vessier-Batchen (left) awarded the two students certificates. Also pictured Dru Driver, HH President, Tom Owens, HH Executive Director, Mike Carter, HH Treasurer and Justice Bailey Mosely.



Mrs. Jane Waters (left), Shalontay Johnson (center), and Reginald Elijah (right).





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