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Our Corporate Postion Paper

Healing Helpers advocates the use of "people first" language. In the field of education, and among those who are knowledgeable and sensitive to the development of children, the labeling of children whether it be "special ed.," "foster," "at risk," "abused," "drug endangered," or any other stigmatizing reference is viewed as being exploitive, demeaning, and as having implications that may extend over the course of a child's life. Although, we are not speaking of a medical diagnoses, the following phrase seems appropriate--
"Words are powerful. Old, inaccurate descriptors and the inappropriate use of medical diagnoses perpetuate negative stereotypes and reinforce a significant and an incredibly powerful attitudinal barrier. "

Excerpted from People First Language by Kathie Snow, www.disabilityisnatural.com; used with permission of the author.



Our Mission--To support youth who are at risk for drug/substance abuse, to promote drug/substance free lifestyles, and to break the generational cycle of drug abuse through advocacy, intervention, literacy, education and mentoring.

Healing Helpers recognizes that drug/substance abuse impacts every facet of a family. This often includes pets that are caught up in their owners' destructive ways. Pets are often a child's only refuge from a chaotic life. For this reason, Healing Helpers is extending it's mission to include animal welfare.

Our Vision-To see that every child in the extended family circle in the United States has the right to grow, be happy and healthy, in a drug/substance/violence free environment.

We are continuing our "Care for a Bear" donation and fund raising campaign. This campaign began in 2009. Thanks, to Tim, in Washington state and for his generous donation in kind of assorted stuffed bears and animals, Healing Helpers will be offering these items for adoption for nominal donations. These items are in like new condition. Contact us at 903-832-2950 and we will give you the price of shipping along with other details.

Click on Little Ol' Bear


Steiff Bear c.1908

This little bear was found in St. Augustine FL back in the 1965 by my brother and me as we explored discarded belongings in an alley while on vacation. Much like families that are impacted by drug/substance abuse, he is a "bear" and he is a little beat up--but just as we care for this little bear, there are people who care for those families. Show you care by donating, today. This bear is NOT up for adoption. Click on the bear to visit the stuffed bear adoption page.

Many Thanks! Thanks to Don't Meth With Texas for their in kind donations of T-Shirts! Visit their website at: www.dontmethwithtexas.com


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